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Gabriel García Márquez (1927 -2014)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize-winning author, journalist, and screenwriter, died Thursday at age 87, according to a report citing a source close to Marquez’s family.

An Associated Press report did not include the cause of death, although Marquez’s family has said in recent days that the author’s health has been “very fragile.” Born in Colombia, Marquez had been recuperating at his Mexico City home after he was hospitalized for nine days due to infections in his lungs and urinary tract. (X)


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This article from American Cinematographer is 4 pages of amazing. It’s all about Electroma, specifically Daft Punk’s vision behind the movie, what they were going for, and very, very detailed information about filming techniques. It even answers my your glaring questions about the film, like: How are there no reflections in the helmets? How did they manage that crazy whiteroom scene?

Some memorable quotes:

  • "de Homem-Christo found he felt more comfortable in the background, where he could pay more attention to the framing and acting…" I like to think after reading this that Guy really brought out the emotion in that bathroom scene, which makes my heart melt into a puddle every time I watch it.
  • "We just wanted to make something experimental and weird" - Guy
  • "We wanted each scene to take you through the emotionally distinct phases of the story" - Thomas
  • Electroma is really slow and meditative, more like a painting than an actual movie” - Guy

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Two Door Cinema Club live in Monterrey, at Auditorio Banamex [April/16/2013] (2/5)



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